Preparation instead of Disposal

DILO is a Disposal Specialist for SF6 Gas

DILO has been active in the field of SF6 gas handling for over 50 years. Based on this huge amount experience, our company has not only developed a leading position as a manufacturer of measuring devices and service carts for SF6, but is also a professional solution provider “for everything related to SF6”.

Since the issues and requirements of the users of SF6 are also constantly developing and changing, it is important to observe these developments and to offer our customers corresponding solutions. Such a development that has recently been seen is the increasing raising of awareness among the industry regarding the treatment or disposal of SF6. Up until now, the most common practice of our customers has been the cost-incurring disposal of the SF6 gas and the subsequent purchase of new gas. This generates high costs and does not necessarily correspond to the guiding idea of reuse in the closed substance cycle and waste management act.

DILO’s solution, on the other hand, focuses on the preparation, or “reconditioning”, of the existing gas. Thanks to the interplay of several DILO preparation units, even extremely poor starting qualities can be reconditioned into SF6 with 99.9% purity. After our process, the gas fulfils the quality criteria for factory-new SF6. The ideal solution for many customers, this one service replaces both alternative disposal and the ongoing purchase of new SF6.