SF6 E-learning

More knowledge through web-based training

In cooperation with our partner, Nine Lanterns, we have developed a training concept that enables participants to learn about SF6 or to build on their existing knowledge of SF6 at any time or place - on your personal timetable. Thus you are able to determine your own rate of learning.

The programme consists of a total of four modules:

Module 1 - Understanding SF6 gas

Module 2 - Working with SF6 gas

Module 3 - Monitoring SF6 gas

Module 4 - Assessment

The online training is available in English only. Module 4 is a final test with 15 questions on modules 1 - 3. With the test, the participants have the opportunity to check up on their individual state of knowledge. After the completion of the training every participant receives an online participation certificate.

If you require further information or a 12-month company licence do not hesitate to contact us via: e-learning[at]dilo-gmbh.com

Important: this online training is not a substitute for a SF6 certification. If you are interested in a certification training to obtain a SF6 qualification certificate in accordance with the EU 2015/2066 directive click here.