Preventive maintenance

Functional safety and high availability

As we only use tested components which correspond to our strict quality standards maintenance requirements are minimised. Nevertheless, we recommend preventive maintenance at regular intervals.

Special spare part kits, e. g. for overhauling compressors, vacuum pumps or filter units are part of preventative maintenance.

Regular maintenance works ensure the long term performance of the device. The recommended maintenance and calibration intervals are indicated in the corresponding operating manual of the devices. However, the calibration of measuring devices is only carried out in our factory as well as by our Southeast Asian service center DILO Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and DILO Company, our North American agency.

It is however often recommended to conclude a maintenance contract, especially if a number of devices and installation units can be included. In this case the maintenance works are carried out by our qualified specialised staff. Advantage for our customers: Your own personnel can be deployed elsewhere and your devices are always "up-to-date".

Repair at DILO

Generally, comprehensive repair work is carried out in our factory. In case service carts or components such as compressors or vacuum pumps have to be repaired at DILO it is absolutely necessary that a declaration of contamination of the corresponding devices and components is completed by the customer.

You will find the form for download here:

PDF document / Declaration of contamination of devices and components

Calibration of measuring devices

With the purchase of a DILO measuring device you have chosen a high quality and long lasting product.

We recommend calibration every two years at the latest to ensure very high measuring accuracy throughout the entire operational life.

Please click here for downloading the corresponding return form to guarantee easy processing:

PDF document / Return form for calibration of measuring devices

Our technical aftersales service is available:

Service Hotline

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