Lock valves for density monitors PN16 DN20

For emission-free disassembly or verification of density monitors


This lock valve has been specially developed for emission-free verification of density monitors. It is possible to verify density monitors directly at the gas compartment or to disassemble them for external tests without having to release gas.

The connection to the circuit breaker can be realised with different connections. The lock valve is equipped with a DN20 connecting coupling and a connection to the density monitor whereas the arrangement of the coupling and the connection to the density monitor can be provided according to customer requirements. Due to its design the valve is automatically open and is only closed mechanically during the testing procedure. Consequently, there is a permanent connection of the density monitor to the gas compartment. For verification the covering cap of the valve has to be unscrewed and the separate lever must be screwed on.

In conjunction with the DensiControl IN (B178R51) density monitor testing device it is also possibleto verify the density monitor switching points without having to disassemble the density monitor and without releasing SF6 gas.

The verification of density monitors on high voltage switchgear can thus be carried out in accordance with the (EU) 517/2014 directive (F-gas regulation).