SF6 Cylinder heater blanket

For heating SF6 gas bottles

SF6 Cylinder heater blanket (500 W) 220 - 240 V 1~ 50 / 60 Hz

SF6 Cylinder heater blanket (500 W) 110 - 127 V 1~ 50 / 60 Hz

SF6 Cylinder heater blanket (1.000 W) 220 - 240 V 1~ 50 / 60 Hz

When removing large quantities of SF6 gas the gas might be frozen. No problem, we offer the perfect solution.

The handling of the heater blanket is easy: it is wrapped around the SF6 bottle and secured by means of a Velcro strap. For quick gas removal from the bottle we recommend the use of two heater blankets on top of each other.

A thermostatically controlled heater blanket heats the lower part of the gas bottle to prevent the SF6 gas from freezing. An integrated thermostat prevents the gas bottle from being overheated.