Precision gauge with hose

For precise pressure control in gas compartments

Indication range: 0 - 10 bar

Indication range: 0 - 1,000 kPa

The precision gauge allows the precise control of the pressure in gas compartments. It is a very useful equipment for the operator which can be transported comfortably.

Standard equipment:

  • Precision gauge NG 160
  • Class 0.6
  • 700 mm long wire-braided hose DN8
  • Handy transport case

The corresponding couplings have to be ordered separately.

DILO Precision gauge with hose 3-558-R001

Digital precision gauge

For pressure control in gas compartments

with 5 point certificate

with 11 point certificate

with DKD certificate

Indication range: -1 to 10 bar
Indication in bar, kPa, psi (reversible) / class 0.1

This is the suitable equipment when precise pressure indication is required. The gauge is equipped with a coupling and hose and can be connected to the gas compartment directly.

Standard equipment:

  • Indication in bar, kPa, psi (reversible)
  • 1 m long teflon hose
  • DILO coupling DN20
  • Handy transport case
DILO Digital precision gauge 3-558-R010