Professional handling of alternative gases

New requirements

Even when using alternative gases, in case of maintenance, the gas must be recovered from the gas compartment, air evacuated and the gas compartment refilled. In this way, the handling is not significantly different from that of SF6 gases.

It is important however: Alternative gases are generally special gas mixtures with set defined mixture ratios, which pose new, further requirements on the device construction. SF6 service and measuring devices can therefore not be used for alternative gases!

Application-specific development

As a pioneer in SF6 gas handling with over 50 years of experience, DILO is in the same boat with the development of devices for handling alternative gases. The first service and measuring devices developed by DILO are already being used or tested by switchgear manufacturers. There is a wide range of alternative gas mixtures requiring different equipment designs.

We, as SF6 gas handling specialist, have the necessary know-how and development potential for the new eco-efficient gases.

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