On 24 / 25 April 2018, we welcomed Mr Tobias Bienert from Deuna Zement GmbH as the 2,000th participant in our training seminar at the new DILO TRAINING CENTER.

The new German and European legislation requires, pursuant to EC directive no. 2015/2066, that the training of employees in the field of SF6 gas handling must be verified through testing and certification for operators and manufacturers of electrical SF6 high-voltage operating materials >1kV.

Therefore, since January 2009, DILO has offered a two day seminar for all energy supply companies and switchgear manufacturers.

The training includes a theoretical component and a practical component. In the theoretical component, which takes place on the first day, the participants are prepared specifically for the relevant topics and the exam. The second day consists of the theory exam and the practical training. The practical exam of each participant then ends the course. Additionally, each training participant receives corresponding training documents for preparation purposes. If he/she passes the exams successfully, the participant receives a non-transferable, permanent expert certificate that authorises him/her to work with SF6 gas in high-voltage systems.

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