Terms of sale and delivery

Edition 4/2016

  1. Goods are sold in accordance with the below-mentioned terms of sale and delivery. Any modification or amendment is subject to our written approval. Terms of purchase which contradict to our terms of sale and delivery are void. Our written order confirmation is the exclusive subject of the contract.
  2. Agreed terms of delivery come into effect with the date of order acceptance (= date of our order confirmation).
  3. In case of default or impossibility to deliver all claims for damages are excluded.
  4. Unforeseeable occurrences (Force Majeure) entitle us to withdraw totally or partially from the contract.
  5. We reserve the right of modifications in design. We reserve property right and copyright for drawing and other documents.
  6. The goods will be shipped in accordance with the terms of delivery stipulated in our order confirmation.
  7. Our liability for damages is restricted to the items supplied and covers no consequential damage.
  8. We guarantee all products for 12 months after delivery. Warranty includes factory construction, the use of specified materials and trouble-free functioning. Any warranty is excluded in case of wrong or negligent handling, excessive stress, improper use, non-observance of our mounting instructions as well as violation of the service conditions valid for our products. Wearing as well as technically caused ageing and saturation are not subject to warranty/guarantee. In case of defects we reserve the right to decide upon either delivering a replacement or repair.
  9. Prices: exclusively in EURO (€). Prices are subject to adjustment.
  10. Goods will be adequately packed. Packing material will not be taken back.
  11. If the total order value is less than € 50.00 we reserve the right to charge additional costs for small quantities (currently: € 20.00).
  12. Terms of payment according to our order confirmation.
  13. In case of delay of payment we may charge interest for default equal to the usual banking interest which has accrued in the meantime.
  14. If the customer does not accept the goods in time we reserve the right to invoice storage costs.
  15. The goods ordered remain our property until complete payment.
  16. For intra-community supplies into another EU member state the customer is obliged to provide evidence (particularly an entry certificate) within 3 months at the latest to ensure VAT exemption. In case these documents are not presented in due time, we will have to charge the customer with VAT of 19 %.
  17. All commercial partners are obliged to grant the security of all business data and documents. The transfer of information on this contract and details on the despatch of the goods to unauthorized third parties is prohibited.
  18. Place of performance is Babenhausen.
  19. Local jurisdiction is Memmingen.
  20. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply excluding the private international law.
  21. In case some points of these terms should be or become void the legal validity of the other points will not be affected.
  22. We do not accept any penalty or liquidated damages.
  23. All disputes arising between the contractual parties shall be settled through friendly negotiations. Arbitration is rejected.